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Cover Crops Short Course at MSU

On Aug. 1-2, 2017, Miss. State Univ. will conduct a Seed Technology Short Course titled “2017 Cover Crop Opportunities” that will focus on cover crop seed mixtures, applications, equipment, and opportunities. The event will be held in the Bost Extension Center on the MSU campus.

Click here for registration and lodging information, the program agenda, and contacts for further information.

I have read the agenda, and it appears that all aspects of cover crops–from the basics to the economics–will be covered in the 16+ presentations. There will also be an equipment demonstration and a panel discussion that will cover the emerging trends and future issues associated with this production practice.

I encourage you to access the Cover Crops White Paper on this website for up-to-date information about all aspects of using cover crops in current Midsouth production systems.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, July 2017,