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New Information on MSPB Website

Several new information items have been posted on or linked to on the MSPB website, and they are highlighted here.

Variety Tolerance Ratings to Metribuzin. Metribuzin is a herbicide that is injurious to some soybean varieties, and is often a component of preemergence herbicide mixes that are applied to sites planted to soybeans. Thus, producers are advised to be aware of metribuzin sensitivity in the varieties they select for planting. The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture conducts screening of soybean varieties to test their sensitivity/tolerance to metribuzin. Click here for ratings that were made in 2018 and prior years. Please note that most varieties show an acceptable tolerance to metribuzin; thus, producers are advised to choose a variety with a high rating of tolerance.

LibertyLink GT27 Soybean Varieties. LibertyLink GT27 is a new line of soybean varieties that are tolerant of glyphosate-, glufosinate-, and isoxaflutole-containing herbicides. Click here for details about how these herbicides can be used with this new line of varieties.

Variety Disease Ratings. Scientists and Extension Specialists with the Univ. of Arkansas rated soybean varieties entered in the 2018 Arkansas Soybean Official Variety Tests for resistance/tolerance to stem canker, frogeye leaf spot, and root knot nematode. Click here to access those ratings that can be used as an additional tool for selecting soybean varieties to plant in 2019.

Variety Cross Reference Guide. To help soybean producers ensure they are selecting varieties that truly have intended different genetics, Dr. Jeremy Ross of the Univ. of Arkansas has published a Cross Reference Guide for Common Soybean Varieties that shows how a selected brand name soybean “variety” from one seed company may in fact be the same variety as another brand name “variety” from another seed company. Click here for a detailed description of this possible dilemma.

Engenia Spray Tool.  BASF has developed a web-based tool to help producers determine the time of day that is okay to apply dicamba herbicide products such as Engenia. Click here for information about and access to the Engenia Spray Tool.

Variety Seed Damage Ratings. Weathering damage to soybean seed that were harvested in 2017 and 2018 was widespread in the Midsouth. To determine the extent of damage to seed of varieties that were in the SMART On-Farm Variety Demonstrations in 2018, Dr. Trent Irby had seed of these varieties rated for damage by Midsouth Grain Inspection Services. Click here for details about this process and the resultant ratings.

SOYMAPSOYMAP has been updated to Version 5. Click here to access the new user manual and the updated version of this tool that can be used to select soybean varieties for and predict their developmental stages at Midsouth locations.

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