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Revysol--A New Fungicide from BASF

BASF will start production of its new triazole fungicide Revysol for availability to soybean producers in 2020. The ingredient in this fungicide is a new-generation triazole (isopropanol azoleā€“DMI group, FRAC code 3, medium risk of resistance development) fungicide according to BASF. Click here for more details about the azole class of fungicides.

This new fungicide product is predicted to have more flexibility in its ability to control targeted diseases, and to control some DMI-resistant diseases. In soybeans, it has activity on frogeye leaf spot, septoria brown spot, cercospora leaf blight, and aerial web blight, all diseases that plague Midsouth soybean producers. It also has activity against soybean rust. Unlike other triazoles, it is touted to offer residual or long-lasting activity against targeted diseases.

The active ingredient is pending EPA registration, and its anticipated approval is late- to mid-summer 2019. When this new fungicide becomes available in 2020, Revytek will be the lead brand for soybeans.

As with all new pesticides, only time will tell if this new fungicide product will offer soybean producers an added effective and even superior weapon to use against the myriad foliar diseases that adversely affect the crop. As of this writing, there is little available information regarding its efficacy and lasting effect against targeted fungal pathogens. Hopefully, that information will be forthcoming.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, Mar. 2019,