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SOYMAP Tutorial

In a previous blog, I posted the background and details for the development of SOYMAP, a decision support tool that is based on simulations specific for soybeans using 30-year weather data from 11 Midsouth locations.

The support tool, when queried, provides a comparison between any two MG’s for a given location, planting date, and soil type. Resulting information includes yield responses, predicted dates of R1, R5, and R8, irrigation requirements, and economic returns.

To provide a guide for using this tool, Drs. Larry Purcell and Michael Popp of the Univ. of Arkansas have posted a SOYMAP TUTORIAL that will provide valuable insight into how to use SOYMAP to choose the soybean MG most likely to provide the greatest economic return at locations within the range of latitudes used in the study.

I encourage you to view the tutorial so that you become familiar with how SOYMAP can be used for your operation.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, Mar. 2016,