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MSPB Strategic Plan

Background: Mississippi soybean farmers face challenges that other states do not face, plus challenges that are shared with other Midsouth states.  The Mississippi Delta produces some of the highest quality soybeans in the United States, but the state’s producers face unique challenges such as the threat of beans rotting in the pod at the end of the season.  Approximately 90% of the soybeans grown in Mississippi are exported and there are no processing plants in the state.  Due to such limited domestic use of Mississippi beans, it is likely that the state’s farmers would receive only minimal impact in their bottom lines by MSPB investment in activities such as promoting biodiesel, supporting animal agriculture growth, and investing in research and activities that support soybean production for direct human consumption and organic systems.  With strong international demand for the high-quality soybeans produced in Mississippi, there seems to be little or no need to market Mississippi soy internationally.  Therefore, the MSPB should focus investments on production research that will provide the greatest impact to Mississippi soybean farmers’ bottom lines.  This includes strategically investing in research and transferring the results of that research to farmers to implement in their own operations.  This is especially important as public funds to support production research continue to decline.

Core Value: The Board, with honesty and integrity, collectively and individually, is committed to working within the letter and spirit of applicable law and regulation to achieve maximum value for each Mississippi soybean farmer’s checkoff dollar.

Mission: Invest Mississippi checkoff dollars to develop and promote soybean and soybean production to improve the bottom line potential for soybean farmers.

Strategies: 1) Focus on production research in the broadest sense, prioritizing research against production issues that have the most damaging impact, and issues that impact the greatest number of Mississippi farmers.  2) Communicate the results of all pertinent research to Mississippi soybean farmers.  3) Maximize opportunities to leverage MSPB resources with other soybean and commodity groups, as well as private industry, to enhance soybean production research and develop future soybean scientists and specialists.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Ensure an ongoing adequate soybean production research program that addresses Mississippi production challenges.

  • Ensure the sustainability of Mississippi soybean farmers through protecting water resources and identifying production practices that will contribute to keeping the market open for Mississippi soybeans.

  • Promote and support the adoption of best management practices developed through soybean research that addresses Mississippi production challenges.