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Learn How to Save Time and Money through Timely Irrigation Termination


Turnrow Talks Scheduled for Aug. 26

CANTON (Aug. 18, 2014) - You’ve implemented the tools necessary to help you irrigate more efficiently, but when is the right time to turn off the water? At an upcoming event, Mississippi State University (MSU) irrigation specialist Jason Krutz, Ph.D., and MSU soybean specialist Trent Irby, Ph.D., will show Mississippi soybean farmers how to determine the right time to end irrigation in their fields.

Krutz and Irby will present at multiple Irrigation Termination Turnrow Talks on Aug. 26. The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board, Mississippi State University (MSU) Extension Service and stakeholder organizations of the Delta Sustainable Water Resources Task Force sponsor the talks.

“Farmers in this region irrigate more than they need to at the end of the season,” explains Krutz, who has been charged with decreasing over-irrigation by 20 percent. “We will demonstrate how to determine when it is the right time to stop irrigating fields based on portable and permanent soil-moisture sensors and the plant’s physiology.”

These informational sessions will enable farmers to stop over-irrigating, saving them time and money.

“Over-irrigating can cost Mississippi farmers a lot more than money,” said Jan de Regt, chairman of the MSPB. “The goal of the last irrigation is to have enough water available up to the R6.5 stage. I know that I have been over irrigating in the past too often.”

Mark your calendar for Aug. 26 to attend an Irrigation Termination Turnrow Talk at the following locations.

Call the local extension office for more information and directions.

9:00 a.m., Tunica County
Richie Bibb farm
Extension phone: 662-363-2911

1:00 p.m., Washington County
Delta Research and Extension Center, Stoneville
Extension phone: 662-686-9311

4:00 p.m., Leflore County
Reese Pillow farm
Extension phone: 662-392-8158


MSPB is made up of 12 farmer-directors who oversee the investments of the soy checkoff on behalf of all Mississippi soybean farmers. These volunteers work to increase soybean farmer profitability by investing checkoff dollars in ongoing public research and extension programs that address Mississippi production challenges, thereby driving the adoption of best management practices developed through research and ensuring the sustainability of Mississippi soybean production.

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