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Pipe Planner Instructional Video

The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board partnered with Delta Plastics to create an instructional video that explains how to use Pipe Planner, a computer program from Delta Plastics that can be used to design water-conserving plans for furrow-irrigated fields. After watching this nine-chapter video, farmers who use furrow irrigation can learn the benefits of using Pipe Planner as an irrigation water conservation tool, and how to use it to create plans for furrow-irrigated fields. Chapter 1: Why Farmers Use Pipe Planner Chapter 2: How Pipe Planner Works Chapter 3: Tips on Using Pipe Planner Chapter 4: Importing Required Data Into Pipe Planner Chapter 5: Regularly Shaped Field Design Chapter 6: Irregularly Shaped Field Design Chapter 7: Ridge Field Design Chapter 8: Split Field Design Chapter 9: Credits