Soil Sampling for Fertility Management

Dr. Bobby Golden, Soil Fertility Research Specialist at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, discusses the importance of soil testing for nutrient levels (especially phosphorus and potassium).


Soil Sampiling For Nematode Population

Dr. Tom Allen discusses the importance of soil sampling in soybean fields for reniform, root knot and SCN.


2015 Best Management Practices Guide

This Best Management Practices (BMP) Guide provides a summary of significant management practices that can help Mississippi farmers be more successful in their soybean-growing operation.


Bollworm Damage Threshold

Dr. Don Cook discusses research being conducted to determine when bollworm infestations in soybeans should be treated to prevent economic loss.


Determining Safe Spraying Times Through Temperature Inversion

Information derived from calculations using Dr. Steve Thomson's data will provide aerial applicators the information they will need to determine when it is safe to spray without the weather conditions that will cause a temperature inversion.



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