Harvest Desiccants—Your Answer to Harvest Worries

Desiccants can help accelerate harvest by killing green tissue on soybean plants, as well as green weeds. Use the following as a guide to understand desiccants and how to use them most effectively on your farm.


Using Post-Harvest Soil Sampling

Without regular soil testing as part of your soybean nutrient management program, farmers may be throwing away money on unnecessary inputs


The Checkoff Challenges You – To Challenge Your Seed Providers

The checkoff is challenging you to challenge your seed providers and find out the best varieties available in your areas that meet your desires – and your customers, too.


Soil Sampling for Fertility Management

Dr. Bobby Golden, Soil Fertility Research Specialist at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, discusses the importance of soil testing for nutrient levels (especially phosphorus and potassium).


Herbicide-Resistant-Weed Control through Combine Maintenance

Weed control isn't normally a priority during harvest, but combines are the ideal vehicle to spread weed seeds across a field or carry them to the next.


New Videos Explain Benefits of Irrigation Tools and Potential Return on Investment

An Overview of Irrigation Tools covers PHAUCET, surge valves and soil moisture sensors and the basics of using them. The MSPB-funded Irrigation Results video contains the results of Jason’s field trials in 2013 using these tools.



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Herbicide-Resistant-Weed Control through Combine Mainte...

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Using Post-Harvest Soil Sampling as Part of your Soybea...

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