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Using Genome Editing for Enhanced Crop Production

A link to a CAST report that touts the use of GE in crops is provided, along with a short summary of the report's contents.

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Zalo--A New Premix Herbicide for Soybeans

Information about the new soybean herbicide Zalo is provided.

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Items of Interest to Miss. Soybean Producers

Links to and information about opportunities for Miss. soybean producers being offered by Miss. State Univ. are provided.

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2024-2025 General Request For Proposals

Every year the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board solicits proposals for soybean research, education and technology transfer projects that aim to improve Mississippi soybean production. Research proposals must be submitted by December 1, 2023.  RFP will be reviewed and if corrections are needed the final version must be submitted before December 13, 2023 to be considered for the 2024-2025 proposal cycle. For questions and more information regarding the General RFP process, please contact MSPB Executive Director Dr. Dennis Reginelli at or (662)418-4480. 

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2024-2025 Targeted Request For Proposals

MSPB is trialing a framework through which it can more effectively invest checkoff dollars on behalf of Mississippi soybean growers. That framework will utilize Targeted Requests for Proposal (TRFP). The strategy of TRFPs is built upon identification of comprehensive General Focus Areas (GFAs). The GFA is a general agronomic subject matter with high interest of growers and industry. A single TRFP is tied to a single GFA. The GFA is further divided into Specific Research Targets (SRTs) which correspond to the ‘scope’ of the more comprehensive GFA. Proposals should be directed to address one or several of the SRTs. The intentions of the framework include: 1) shift a portion of research focus and budget spend from present issues and impact and toward near-term (5 year) and longer-term (10 year) efforts and impacts, 2) develop a greater proportion of funded research that is unique, new, and likely to accentuate MSPB funded research within the soybean industry, 3) encourage collaborative efforts across disciplines for a better understanding of key issues, and 4) close some of the gap between current research and focus areas of early-adopters in the state. TRFP proposals must be submitted by January 16, 2024 by emailing to be considered for the 2024-2025 proposal cycle. For questions and more information regarding the Targeted RFP process, please contact Brewer Blessitt at or (662)207-5723.

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Enhance Weed Control With Cover Crops

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Mississippi Diseases And Nematodes

The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board aims to help farmers identify and control damaging diseases before it’s too late.

Mississippi Insects

It starts by determining when insects reach the economic threshold level. This is the point at which damaging insects must be treated before your operation starts to lose money.

Mississippi Irrigation

Under its Sustainable Irrigation Project (SIP), MSBP provides practices and tools to reduce the amount of irrigation water applieed to the states crops.

Mississippi Weeds

Learn everything you need to know about local herbicide-resistant weeds and how to fight them from MSPB and the Take Action initiative.