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Overlapping Residual Herbicides in Soybean

Click here to access an article by Dr. Larry Steckel, UT Ext. Weed Specialist, that was posted on the website on Mar. 17, 2022. In this article, Dr. Steckel provides compelling reasons for applying overlapping residual herbicides to soybean. They are: 1) Timely application of POST herbicides may be problematic; 2) Some Palmer amaranth populations have developed a high level of resistance to dicamba herbicides; and 3) A short supply of Liberty (glufosinate) herbicide will limit the best POST option for control of these Palmer amaranth populations.

In this article, Dr. Steckel provides very specific Pre-Plant, PRE-Emergence, and residual-POST options for applying residual herbicides for control of Palmer amaranth populations that have evolved this high level of resistance to dicamba herbicides. Each option includes recommended herbicides and their rates, advantages of the option, and factors that should be considered if an option is selected.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, Apr. 2022,